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How We Help Our Players

Below is a real life example of how Stanford University's Coach Stotz responded to one of our scouting reports:

"Wow!  I have been at this for 35 years and I must say your scouting email has amazing depth and insight!  Those who play for you don’t have any idea into your compassion to help your players. Your player is great—we hear that from everyone.….your love for your players shine through—keep up the great work!"

The Foundation takes seriously the educational opportunities baseball can afford our many players, and the impact baseball can have on college admissions and scholarships.  We are not paid to counsel or advise players---instead we set out to guide and assist as many of our players as possible on these matters because it is the right thing to do.

“It is not what you do in life for yourself that matters, it is what you do for others”

The All-American Team
The Foundation certainly misses Bobby Valentine as he has taken up a full time role as manager of the Boston Red Sox.  We are extremely grateful and proud to have benefitted from Bobby’s incredible generosity, energy and experience.  In 2010 and 2011, Bobby donated substantial amounts of time, money and energy to make a difference for the players and families of the All-American team.  Bobby always conducted himself as the ultimate role model for the players and the Foundation.  In contrast to many organizations in the youth baseball world, neither Bobby nor the Foundation’s founders received any compensation for all of their efforts.   Instead, they gave of their time, resources, and money to make the All-American experience the best it could be.  
We respect that Bobby's full time responsibility is now professionally to the Boston Red Sox.  The Foundation hopes to support All American teams in years to come in the same ways the Foundation helped and coached players in 2010 and 2011.  In our shortened late 2011 showcase season when Bobby took the Red Sox job, the Foundation had the opportunity to evaluate only a few dozen players.  As such, when Bobby took the job with the Red Sox and could not practically be part of the 2012 All-American team, the Foundation had not seen a sufficient number of high caliber players to form another All-American team as it takes a very long showcase season to find such players.    At that point the Foundation determined to put its plans to support another All-American team on hold out of respect for Bobby’s professional responsibilities.  The showcase schedule was also put on hold and no players have paid to attend any showcase, camp, clinic, or activity since Bobby took the job.   
We are hopeful that in the future the Foundation will have the honor of coaching young players that are of the same exceptional quality as the players and families from the 2010 and 2011 teams.   We will always respect Bobby for his efforts and generosity in the early years and the Foundation is actively looking for future philanthropic efforts to support for young student athletes in baseball and beyond, including All American baseball teams.
Players and Families from 2010 and 2011
It was amazing to watch young men of diverse socio, economic, and geographic backgrounds develop lifelong friendships.  They also played baseball at the highest levels and against the most formidable competition.  Beating elite teams like the East Cobb Astros, and a pitcher throwing 98 MPH, in the stadium at the University of South Carolina, was just one of many accomplishments the boys will never forget.  They made their parents and hometowns proud.  Virtually all of the seniors are set to play at fine colleges throughout the USA and several of them will be selected in the June 2012 MLB draft.  The 2013 and 2014 graduates are of the same high levels of character and athletic ability.
More impressive, however, was that each young man did more than just sign an honor code—they lived by it for nearly 50 days in each of the last two summers and conducted themselves with honor on and off the diamond.  This was a lifelong experience that the players and families will cherish forever, as bonds were created that were truly special.   
Showcases in late 2011
Several dozen players attended showcases in late 2011 before Bobby took a job with the Red Sox.  The baseball men who ran the showcases in late 2011 created safe and professional environments to instruct young players and exposure them to college coaches at the events.   Parent and player feedback regularly included compliments about the high ratio of instructors to players and that showcases exceeded their expectations relative to other organizations.  We have learned that there were administrative and IT mishaps by the baseball coaches relating to a small number of players receiving their REACT reports.  If any one of the players who attended would like another copy of their REACT report (as some of them may have been held up on spam filters), please contact us so we can mail or email you an additional copy.  Further, if any of the several dozen players who attended showcases in late 2011 were not satisfied with their instruction or experience, it would be our pleasure to refund their registrations fee.  Please contact

AFLAC Home Run Derby Champion a All-American

August 17, 2011 - It is our honor to recognize Nelson Rodriquez, a founding member of the 2010 All-American team, for being the Home Run Derby Champion at this past weekend's AFLAC All-American game at Petco Park in San Diego.  Nelson is a 2012 catcher from George Washington High School and coached by two-time National Coach of the Year and 900 career game winner Steve Mandl, who is also one of the coaches the All-American teams during the summer.

As the All-Americans continue to game national recognition---with AFLAC All-American honors, 11 Area Code Game players, UnderArmour all-American honors, national rankings as top players in the USA, and of course commitments to the finest schools in the country, including SEC, PAC 12, Big East,
ACC, and Ivy League, among others, we are encouraging all parents and players to attend our high value, high-energy showcases.

How our program helps our players

    Team/ Grad National   College
Player State Event Year Rank Honors Commit
Nelson Rodriquez NY Summer Team 10 12 37 Team USA  
Fernelys Sanchez NY Summer Team 10 12 54 Area Code Oklahoma
Clint Coulter WA Fall Team 10/Summer Team 11 12 83 Area Code  
Henry Gigeous IL Summer Team 10/Summer Team 11 12 124 Area Code Oregon  
Dylan Lavelle WA Showcase 10 12 141 Area Code Oregon St.
Andrew Velazquez NY Showcase 10 12 151   Virginia Tech
Ron Miller CA Showcase 10 12 154 Area Code UNLV
Perry Rigby AL Summer Team 10/Fall Team 10 12 211   UAB
Colton Freeman AL Fall Team 10 12 226 Area Code Alabama
Caleb Frare MT Fall Team 10/Summer Team 11 12 459 Area Code Utah
Matt Tulley MA Fall Team 10/Summer Team 11 12 500 Area Code Va. Tech
Charles Galiano NY Summer Team 10/Summer Team 11 12     Fordam Univ.
Jeremy Martinez CA Showcase 10 13 3 Team USA USC
Matt Vogel NY Showcase 10 13 8   USC
S. Carolina
Ronnie Healy FLA Fall Team 2010 13 26    
Eric Williams TX Showcase 10 13 41    
Jarret Dehart NJ Summer Team 2011 13 54   LSU
Nick Banks TX Showcase 10 13 63    
Cheyne Bickel FLA Fall Team 2010 13 80 Area Code Ole Miss
Tripp Rollings SC Summer Team 2011 13 121    
David Ellingson TX Summer Team 2011 13 135    
Dylan Creech KY Fall Team 2010 13 241    
Andrew Zapata NY Summer Team 2011 13 277    
Reece Karalus WA Summer Team 2011 12 500   Santa Clara


  • To produce innovative, high-energy and different Showcase experiences throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that are of extreme value and low cost to each and every player and family who attends.
  • To sponsor the All-American team.


  • To get you exposed to college and MLB scouts.
  • To teach you new techniques from innovative drills.
  • To test you with our proprietary REACT program and give you a complete report measuring your strengths and areas that need improvement relative to all the players in the nation.


  • To expose coaches to an outstanding collection of players of 15U, 16U, and 17U that are motivated and being put through tests designed to measure which of these players can help your program succeed in years to come.
  • To bring our All-American team to top college baseball programs around the United States so they meet the coaching staff and tour and learn about how your school can positively impact their college and MLB aspirations.
  • All-American team members are being professionally trained to become impact starters as freshman for the finest college baseball programs in the nation.  We are taking great ability and turning it into great skills.


  • The All-American Athletic Foundation (AAAF) selects a full time playing All-American team from players throughout the nation.
  • The players are given the opportunity in the summer to become part of a true professional baseball like experience.
  • AAAF unique full professional quality summer season, a 21st century innovation, gives the nation’s finest players a way to improve on the dated model of merely playing on a club team that draws from a few states and plays a predominantly regional vs. national schedule.
    • That top local club team idea, which worked in history, is no longer the best venue for the truly elite player to prepare for the global game of baseball.
  • AAAF's program is now the elite venue in the USA for our very best players to prepare for the MLB draft and compete with players from around the world.
  • If your son or you believe you are a player that is good enough to be drafted out of high school, Click Here.

Founding Principles

The All-American Athletic Foundation was founded on the principles of integrity and a strong work ethic. Our programs are designed to encourage, reward, and cherish success on and off the playing fields with an end goal of seeing student-athletes grow into All-American citizens as well as gifted athletes in the college and professional worlds.




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