All-American Athletic Foundation

MLB 2012 Draft

November 22, 2010
The All-American Athletic Foundation is proud to announce that a record four players from last summer’s first Bobby Valentine 16U All-American team are projected to be among the top 123 players chosen in the MLB draft come June of 2012.  These four players should be followed in later rounds by several more Bobby Valentine 16U All-American teammates such that over 40% of our first year’s team will be drafted out of high school.  All of the inaugural Bobby Valentine 16U All-Americans are being trained to compete fiercely as freshman for starting positions at major Division One programs should they select to attend college prior to pursuing an MLB careers.
In response to this news, Bobby Valentine said, “We are proud to see the Foundation’s innovative vision develop quickly for my All-American Team.  We succeeded in raising our players’ draft profiles out of high school and training them all to be impact, starting freshman players in conferences like the SEC, ACC, PAC 10, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, WAC, Ivy, West Coast, Patriot, USA, and the other leading baseball conferences.  My All-American players receive the ultimate 21st century baseball experience---professional grade coaching, a national travel schedule, and the ability to live and compete with players from all regions of the United States during a 50 day minor league equivalent summer schedule.”
Bobby Valentine All-Americans are selected from Showcase Tryouts produced at 20 locations around the nation.  The events are designed to help players who aspire to play college baseball in all three Divisions, and not just players that are selected as All-Americans.
Players at the Showcase Tryouts are instructed by professional and college coaches, exposed to college and MLB scouts, put through the proprietary REACT testing program, and given a complimentary video and recruiting webpage to advance their baseball careers.
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Draft 2012: Top 200 Prospects
Compiled by Allan Simpson
November 1, 2010
*Verbal commitment only

Fernelys Sanchez

Clint Coulter

Nelson Rodriguez

Henry Gigeous